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What’s In A Name?

Photo credit: William Watkins,  2014

I debated with myself (a formidable opponent) for some time about whether or not to attempt a blog. While I enjoy writing, I certainly didn’t want to commit all my failings and foibles to paper (or internet) every week, as if that would be remotely interesting to anyone at all.

What I did – and do – want to do is to comment on some things that we are doing at The Earl Wentz and William Watkins Foundation and some things in the worlds of the arts and of show business (sometimes those worlds are very far apart and on occasions those worlds collide). And to include more “musings” than the “reporting” on our work that fits in our “Update” newsletters from the foundation; moreover, to do that on a more frequent basis than the 4 to 6 times per year of that vehicle.

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